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15 Minute Crafts: Custom Mini Tote Bag

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Looking for a quick way to take your outfit up a notch? Grab your Cricut and create a custom mini tote bag for any occasion!

Patriotic Mini Tote Bag - Kingston Crafts

I carry a HUGE purse in real life. I can fit a bag of groceries, a bottle of wine, about 17 tubes of chapstick and four packs of gum, the list goes on and on. But when I’m headed to a party or a fun get together I grab a mini tote bag for the essentials (a mere three tubes of chapstick and my phone). Today we’re gonna customize our own! {FTC Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which means I may make a commission on any items purchased, at no additional cost to you.}


You can find mini bags almost anywhere. I grabbed this navy polka dot cutie at JoAnn (well, technically I grabbed three because they were on sale and NAVY BLUE POLKA DOT…have you met me??) and with just a few minutes and your Cricut machine you can create custom mini tote bags for any event. This will be perfect for a 4th of July parade or party, and was cheaper than a cup of coffee. This is also not my first foray in to custom mini totes – this pineapple clutch is in high rotation in my closet every Summer!



  1. Choose an image in Design Space or upload your own. I used an image from these free SVG files my friends and I created just in time for the Summer! Resize image to fit bag and cut from iron-on. Remember to mirror your image and put the iron-on shiny side down on your mat!
peeling iron on from Cricut mat

2. Remove excess iron-on then use Cricut weeder for fine details.

Cricut weeder to remove excess iron-on

3. Heat surface for five seconds (check Cricut EasyPress recommended settings for specific instructions) then center iron-on on bag.

center iron-on on to bag

4. Use EasyPress to adhere iron-on to bag.

iron on design using Cricut EasyPress

5. Remove backing (warm or cool peel based on recommended settings).

remove backing from iron-on

6. Look fabulous at your next get together!

Patriotic Mini Tote Bag - Kingston Crafts

Looking for more great project ideas? This week I’m co-hosting Craft Lightning with some fabulous friends and we’re sharing even more fun patriotic projects that can all be done in 15 minutes or less!

Also, if you are looking for a great resource for DIY summer craft tutorials, then check out All Free Holiday Crafts! I have some of my projects posted there, but you can find tons of amazing DIYs to make for a variety of holidays (like the 4th of July)!

patriotic craft projects in minutes or less collage


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