15 Minute Crafts: Small Planters

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Want to create a fun craft project but don’t have much time? This week we’re sharing patriotic projects that can be done in 15 minutes or less. First up – small planters from upcycled mugs!

Small planters made from mugs with patriotic SVG files

As a proud military spouse I get a little giddy for the red white and blue gloriousness of the Summer! Whether it is a cookout, a pool party, a promotion or just a chance to get together I love finding inexpensive and unique hostess gifts, and can’t think of anything better than an upcycled mug planter with a patriotic theme! {FTC Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a commission if you make a purchase.}


These small planters take less than 15 minutes from start to finish. Best of all – they use the leftover vinyl scraps I tend to hoard but don’t know what to do with! You can find inexpensive mugs at thrift stores or on sale at mass craft stores (the blue and white one is from Hobby Lobby) and they can be transformed to fit any theme. I created a Valentine’s Day mug (and free svg file to go with it) and loved the result!



  1. Choose an image in Design Space or upload your own. I used two images from these free SVG files my friends and I created just in time for the Summer!

2. Resize images to fit mugs and cut from vinyl scraps, then remove excess vinyl.

removing vinyl from cricut mat

3. Add transfer tape to vinyl image, use Cricut scraper to burnish vinyl on to transfer tape and remove backing.

peel backing from vinyl

4. Center vinyl on to mug and burnish with scraper.

adhere vinyl to mug

5. Gently remove transfer tape.

remove transfer tape

6. Add small plant and enjoy!

let freedom ring svg red mug

7. If you are a beginner or looking for an even quicker project idea, simply take a star image and add to a patterned mug. The Cricut Glitter vinyl adds all the extra pizzaz you need!

I hope this will get you to look at mugs (and scraps of vinyl) in a whole new way – can’t wait to see what you create! Looking for more great project ideas? The Country Chic Cottage created this Uncle Sam home decor from a few pieces of scrap wood and some paint! Love it!



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