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Create Custom Onesies with the Cricut EasyPress

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Create custom onesies in just a few minutes with pre-made Cricut Iron-On Designs! Looking for last minute baby gift ideas? Want to create inexpensive but custom onesies? Then these babies are for you! See what I did there?

Create Custom Onesies with the Cricut EasyPress - Kingston Crafts

The new Cricut Iron-On Designs come in two sizes – large and small. They have so many fun designs (there are currently 50 available) and the small ones are the perfect size for custom onesies. Don’t have little ones in your life? You can make custom tote bags, t-shirts, home decor and more in just minutes. {FTC disclaimer – This is a sponsored post but the opinions are mine all mine! This post also contains affiliate links which means I will earn a little something if you buy an item – at no additional cost to you!}

Cricut iron-on designs

Create Custom Onesies with the Cricut EasyPress

I’ve said before that I avoided Cricut projects involving iron-on because I HATED using an iron – until the EasyPress came to my rescue! Now I put iron-on on everything. Even wood! These new iron-on designs are incredibly easy to use – if you are new to crafting or just short on time pick up some to keep in your stash and have gifts ready in minutes.



1. Turn on and set EasyPress (see recommended settings for temperature and time).

Remove iron-on design from packaging and cut apart

2. Remove iron-on designs from packaging and cut apart. I cut them with the backing just in case I didn’t use them all, so I could save them for another time.

3. Lay onesie on your top of your EasyPress Mat* and “pre-heat” the onesie. It makes the surface nice and smooth and ready for your iron-on design!

Lay onesie on your top of your easyPress mat and “pre-heat” the onesie

4. Apply iron-on design to front of onesie.

apply iron-on design to front of onesie

5. Use EasyPress to apply heat to iron-on design. The instructions on the packaging were for 50 seconds at 350. If you are using the EasyPress Mat I’d reduce the time to 35-40 seconds. You can always add a little more time if you need it, but 40 seconds was plenty for me!

The instructions also suggest flipping the item over and ironing on the back for a few seconds – I did that too!

wait a minute or two for the iron-on to cool and then remove the liner

6. Wait a minute or two for the iron-on to cool and then remove the liner. If you are used to warm peel (removing the liner right away) like me…then cold peel will freak you out a little bit. 😉 It will be a little stiffer to remove than you are used to but trust me – it is better to wait for these to cool!

*The Mat has been a game changer for me. I was using towels before – but the iron-on goes on SO much more smoothly and evenly now!

Now find a cute baby and get them in some cute custom onesies! Click on the photo for the link to the narwhal and twinkle twinkle little star – the bow and “hello I’m new here” are sneak peeks of the New to the Crew collection coming soon!

wale custom onesies with the cricut easypress
bow custom onesies with the cricut easypress
custom onesies with the cricut easypress

This would be a fun (and easy and inexpensive) baby shower party activity – what a great gift for the mom-to-be! These Cricut Iron-On Designs come in a variety of themes (they aren’t just for custom onesies!) so grab some to keep in your stash to create custom gifts and projects in no time. Enjoy!

Thinking about an EasyPress? Then check out my review of how EASY the EasyPress is to use!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. ❤️ing this! Are we able to sale these items as well? I’m new at this crafting and don’t Know if this would be considered as copyright infringement.

    1. That is a great question! Let me double check with Cricut about that and see if I can get you an answer!

    2. Hey Jennifer! I wasn’t able to get an answer from Cricut – but here is their Angel Policy on using their product. I hope that helps a little!

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