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Cricut Explore Launch Party!

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Soooo…I have been keeping this little secret for a while now – and tonight the secret is out!  Cricut is launching a new machine called Explore – and I am in Salt Lake City for their Launch Party!  I am practically bursting at the seams!

Cricut Explore Launch Party! - Kingston Crafts

I won’t ramble on – I’ve got some video snippets to share that I took during the key note address (and they aren’t great quality – let me admit that now), but we have only been here a few hours and I have to say the event so far is AMAZING.  We had the kickoff tonight and have a full day of fun tomorrow – I can’t wait to share more!

Beth Kingston and Anna Griffin

with my HSN partner in crime and cool friend Anna Griffin.  The two of us will be selling Cricut Explore on HSN!  SO EXCITED!

Ashish Arora and Beth Kingston

with Ashish Arora – CEO of Cricut

woman at instaprint booth at cricut explore launch party

Instaprint Booth at dinner tonight – we could take photos on Instagram, tag them with #ExploreCricut, and they would immediately print out!  Fabulous!

wall of photos at cricut explore launch party

This incredible wall greeted us as we arrived – one project photo from each of the attendees.  Such creativity!

gold thank you card

This thank you card (all the attendees received one) was created with ONE PASS on the Cricut Explore.  You can draw and cut, emboss and cut, etc – all in ONE PASS.  Amazing!

bingo game cricut

A little bingo before dinner with prizes ranging from ipad minis to trips to Disneyland!

wall of instagram photos at at cricut explore launch party

Not your typical seating chart!  We were each presented with an instagram photo with our table info on the back.

I know the next few days the internet will be SWAMPED with information about Cricut Explore – so I just want to share what I think makes it special:

Cricut Design Space – this totally blew my mind!  It will be a library of HUNDREDS of project ideas (think Pinterest) EXCEPT you can literally click a button and create that EXACT project. “From inspiration to creation in just a few steps”.

You will be able to use ANY SVG files, JPEGs, etc – including fonts on your computer!  You will also have access to over 50,000 images that you can purchase for .99 each (or get access to 25,000 images for 9.99 per month – and you can cancel at any time) AND you can still use your cartridges!

MSRP will be $299.

Don’t want to have your machine connected to your computer?  You will be able to cut wirelessly from your ipad!

Did I mention I am EXCITED?????

Here are two snippets of the keynote address (apologies again for the quality) – the first one is the promotional video they shared, the second discusses image accessibility.

This tired girl is going to hit the hay…CANNOT WAIT to tell you about tomorrow!!  Check out more great photos/blog posts/recaps by checking out #ExploreCricut or find Cricut on FacebookPinterest and Instagram (officialcricut). WAHOO!


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