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#cricuteverywhere – Let’s Get This Party Started!

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Creating different types of projects for all around your home has never been easier due to Cricut and Cricut’s Design Space! For today’s #cricuteverywhere post, I am going to be talking about how Design Space has inspired me during this season of moving to a new home and a new state!

#cricuteverywhere – Let’s Get This Party Started! - Kingston Crafts

It’s funny how life works – right? Those of you who have been with me a while know that I have been RIDICULOUSLY excited about this #cricuteverywhere campaign for a looooong time.  Just over the moon about it.  The idea behind the series was to talk about what inspires us, how we create, and just share a little of ourselves with you – and as you know a HUGE part of my creativity is home.  Where I live, what I surround myself with, who I share it with – everything about it.  When we filmed these videos earlier this Spring and scheduled this week as “Beth’s week” I could never have guessed (thanks US Army!) that by the time it aired almost every single thing about home would have changed.

We just moved from Washington State to Kentucky. On Friday.  Like three days ago.

I got the final edit of this video on Thursday.  I BAWLED my way through it.  This video encompasses so many things I loved about Washington – the incredible neighborhood we lived in (any Gilmore Girls fans?  Stars Hollow come to life!), my comfortable studio, the gorgeous weather, all the friends we welcomed in to our home, how ridiculously happy we were there – we were so heartbroken to leave and watching this video made me wonder if I would ever find that again…in Kentucky or anywhere else.

Today?  Today I feel excitement.  The beginning of a new adventure. We unpacked a BUNCH over the weekend and I was reminded that the things in our home that bring me joy are still here, just in a different place. Our neighbors across the street brought a DELICIOUS casserole (recipe here – you know I am all about the food) and reminded me that we WILL make new friends. Having an entire house to paint and decorate and make our own reminded me how lucky we are to have such a huge palette where we can explore our creativity.  The Kingstons are still the Kingstons – Beth and Don and the Bizzy Bee.  We’re home.

In addition to life being funny – it also is full of coincidences.  In this video I talk about the “eye candy” in Design Space.  Ummm…where do you think I am getting the inspiration for all of the projects I want to do in this new house?  Have you SEEN the Make It Now projects in Design Space? These are some of my absolute favorites (and I have literally started a written list of what projects I want to use in which room).  Best part? You can make these with about three clicks on your computer!  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Do YOU have a favorite project in Design Space?  Tell us what it is on Cricut’s Facebook contest entry form and you could be the winner of $500 in Cricut supplies!  500 DOLLARS!  Think of how many home decor projects you could make with THAT!  Don’t own a Cricut Explore or never tried Design Space?  You can still enter! Head on over to Design Space and scroll through the Make It Now projects to choose a favorite (and then tell us on the entry form to be entered in to the contest).

For more information on the contest/how to enter you can head to Cricut’s Facebook Page or click HERE for the official rules.  Please note – you DO have to be a US resident to enter.

To those of you who have found me for the first time – welcome!  I hope you will tune in all week (we are giving away AMAZING prizes EVERY DAY) and then heck…I hope you’ll hang out with me after this week as Don and I navigate our way through our new home and share our projects and ideas with you.  To my peeps who have been with me all along the way…I wouldn’t be here without any of you.  THANK YOU for sharing in this adventure with us and rooting for us every step of the way and loving us for who we are.  NONE of this would be possible without you as my biggest cheerleaders.  Enjoy this incredible week!


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