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Custom Gift Boxes with Cricut Explore Air Gold

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Never show up to a party with plain gift boxes again! Learn how to turn white boxes into colorful gift boxes, using the Cricut Explore!

Custom Gift Boxes with Cricut Explore Air Gold

I WANT to be one of those people who plans far enough ahead to bring beautifully packaged and coordinated gifts to parties – but I would always get frustrated when I couldn’t find the right size box in the right color and just end up wrapping it in brown paper and adding some ribbon. Don’t judge me. 😉 Now thanks to my Gold Cricut Explore Air from Jo-Ann (with this cool square glitter image from my friend Oleander & Palm) and some Plaid paint I can turn any old box in to something I am proud to give. Yup – that’s right fellow party-goers…I made this! {FTC disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Cricut but the opinions are mine all mine! This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}

Cricut Explore Air machine with paint supplies for gift boxes

Cricut Explore Air and Design Space
Cricut Standard Grip cutting mat
Cricut Tools Craft Basic Set
Cricut Vinyl
Cricut Transfer Tape
Plaid Acrylic Paint (I actually used fabric paint because I loved the colors!)
foam brushes
assorted gift boxes
craft knife
hot glue gun
felt balls

Paint each gift box as desired (you may need two coats). Allow to dry.

Paint each box as desired

In Design Space, size image to fit one side of the box and cut from vinyl, then use the weeder from the tool kit to weed the excess vinyl from the backing so only the image remains. Apply transfer tape over your image, peel off, and transfer to your gift box.

Size image to fit on side of the box and cut from vinyl

Want to line your image flush to the side/edge of the box? Apply the entire image to the box and before you remove the transfer tape use a craft knife to cut away the excess. Then peel off the transfer tape from the rest of the image.

Use craft knife to cut away the excess

To add a little extra color to my boxes, I hot glued felt balls to the top of each box lid. This actually saved quite a bit of time because I didn’t have to paint the lids!

Hot glue felt balls to the top of each box lid

And voila! Bright and festive gift boxes that would be perfect not just for gift giving, but for party favors or as decorations for bridal/baby showers.

Bright custom gift boxes

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