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DIY Large Letters for Your Home Decor

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I love BIG gifts. Not big as in expensive – but big as in LARGE and in charge! One of my all time favorite go-to DIY gifts is inexpensive, custom painted large letters. Whether it is a last name, a favorite word to celebrate the holidays, a themed gift for a baby or bridal shower, the possibilities are endless. And they make SUCH a statement!

DIY Large Letters for Your Home


I use these chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby – they are lightweight, take paint beautifully, are easy to hang temporarily, and are so easy to store when not in use. Use them on your mantel, your front porch, as a centerpiece on a table – they take less than an hour to make (not including dry time) and are so unique the recipient will think of you every time they use them. So grab a few letters and let’s make some home decor! (FTC Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Plaid Crafts but the project and opinions are mine all mine! This post also contains affiliate links which means I may make a commission on sales at no additional cost to you.}


plaidcrafts FolkArt Treasure paint for diy large letters for your home decor


  1. Wrap washi tape around each letter about halfway down from the top (adjust if you want to do multiple colors or if you want to feature more of one color than the other).
wrap washi tape around each letter

2. Paint one half of letter (I used Treasure Gold paint in Rose Gold) up to the washi tape. I always paint over a portion of the washi tape to give myself a clean line. Because these are going on the wall I did not paint the backs – but if you want these for a display where you will see the backs let the front dry for about 30 minutes then flip over and repeat.

paint one half of the letter with rose gold

3. Once the paint is dry remove the washi tape. A good rule of thumb is to either wait less than an hour or more than 24 hours so the paint isn’t tacky and the tape comes off smoothly.

4. Apply new washi tape – lining the tape up with the Rose Gold paint line so you do not end up with any exposed/unpainted chipboard between the paint colors. Paint the second color (Treasure Gold Paint in Gold) and let dry, then remove the washi tape.

paint letter with gold paint
let your letters dry

5. You can set the letters directly on your mantel, or if you want to hang them (as seen in the photo) you can use 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. These are a game changer!

home decor gather sign above fireplace
Large Gather Hearth Sign


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