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Halloween Table Setting: Personalized Napkins with Cricut

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Get your table decorated just in time for Halloween! In this three part series, we are showing you how to create quick and easy Halloween table decor. Today, we are making personalized napkins with Cricut!

Halloween Table Setting Personalized Napkins with Cricut

I love a good tablescape – but I don’t love how much it costs or how hard it can be to find what I want. When I discovered I could use iron-on to create personalized napkins it was a game changer! You can create only the number of napkins you need, you can create your own designs, and you can use small scraps of iron-on (we all know we’ve got ’em) for an easy, affordable, special touch to your next party.


Grab yourself some orange napkins, your Cricut machine and the Cricut EasyPress Mini, and let’s make some cute spider napkins! {This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a commission on any purchases made – at no additional cost to you.}



1. Choose an image in Cricut Design Space (I share this project in Design Space – the BOO! is for the laminated placemat project) and cut your design from iron-on. Don’t forget to mirror the image and put the iron-on shiny side down!

cricut machine cutting spider image

2. Remove excess iron-on and weed out any iron-on from the spider image.

3. Power on Cricut EasyPress Mini. I used the Cricut Heat Guide to determine my temperature. When the indicator is green the Mini is ready to use!

cricut easypress mini warming up
cricut easypress mini ready to go

3. Place spider image on to napkin.

add iron-on spider image onto napkin

4. Use EasyPress Mini to pre-heat napkin (just one or two seconds), then adhere iron-on. I’ve found I just need about five seconds – if the iron-on doesn’t adhere add heat in 2-3 second increments. You CAN burn the napkin if you leave it on too long so be careful!

use EasyPress Mini to adhere iron-on

5. Remove liner while still warm.

remove liner on spider napkin

And voila! With just some iron-on and your Cricut EasyPress Mini, you can easily transform plain paper napkins in to personalized napkins for any occasion!

spider napkin made with cricut

This is our third installment of our three part series – check out our BOO! placemat and custom dinner menu to add the final touches to your Halloween Table Setting!

Halloween Table Setting with Cricut


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