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How To Build A Headboard From An Old Door

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Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at blogging, and it shows due to my lack of pictures of the process.  Regardless, I hope that you find this blog helpful in putting together your own recycled door headboard.  You can find the instructions here, and if you are unable to download it from the link just contact us at and we can email it to you directly. Please let me know if I can answer any questions if you are thinking about building your own headboard or need some help along the way. Good luck and happy building!

How To Build A Headboard From An Old Door - Kingston Crafts

We had been looking for headboards for both our guest bed and our own bed for quite a while. Beth loves catalogs like Pottery Barn and we both like antiques, but we aren’t crazy about paying the sometimes ridiculous prices. Beth found a headboard on Pinterest several months ago, and after looking at the Anna White Queen Headboard plans that the original poster used we headed out to a local salvage yard to find some reclaimed wood.  What we found was something even better (albeit a little more challenging), some old doors with great distressing and character. We brought them home and after cutting them down to size (remember to see my instructions for detailed information and measurements for each step of the project) I built the legs and cap around the door.

side of headboard made from door
man working on headboard made from old door

After building the frame, the next step was painting. Since these are headboards that are pressed against a wall I only painted the front facing side, which was much easier and a big time saver because I could just lay it on the ground and paint one side. I painted the entire queen headboard black…

man spray painting headboard made from old door
black headboard made from old door

but for the king headboard we wanted to retain some of the original color and distressing, so I masked off the panels with painters tape and some of Beth’s scrapbooking cardstock.

headboard made from old door standing up
white headboard made from old door

After the paint dried it was simply a matter of mounting the headboard to the bed frame – and we had some beautiful new headboards for a fraction of the price we would have paid for buying one.

shabby chic bedroom with headboard made from old door
farmhouse chic bedroom with headboard made from old door

Thanks for checking out my first blog post, I look forward to your comments or questions. I hope you enjoy building your own headboard! Check out a few more of our favorite furniture projects below. –Don

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  1. Thanks Don, I came across this when looking for something to do with our old sort of historic entry door. Love this idea and we need a headboard! While we won’t use the entry door because it has glass panes up top, I will bookmark this for one of our interior doors. Thanks for the great idea and instructions!

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