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Last Minute Halloween Home Decor with Cricut

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Give your walls a last-minute Halloween makeover (in less than 20 minutes) by using some black vinyl and a simple design from Cricut!

Yup. I know Halloween is tomorrow. Some people (Don Kingston) would call this procrastination…I call it living in the moment! I put up my Fall/Halloween mantle a few days ago but it felt like something was missing. In less than 20 minutes with my Cricut Explore Air and some black vinyl I was able to add a little extra flair just in time for the Halloween festivities!

Cricut Explore Air
Cricut 12×24 mat
black vinyl
transfer tape
scotch tape

In Cricut Design Space, arrange the bat images to fit on your 12×24 mat. I’ve saved mine to Design Space and you can find it here:

Cut it out with black vinyl and peel off/weed the excess vinyl. Before you remove the bats from the mat cover the entire surface with transfer tape. I have no idea what I was using that black pen for. 🙂

Use your scissors to “rough cut” the bats/transfer tape in to individual images. When I’m doing big projects like this I don’t get super wrapped up in getting all of the bubbles out of my transfer tape – as you can tell!

Use scotch tape to arrange the bats where you think you want them on your wall so you can step back and make sure you like how they look.

Two things. One…if that wooden box looks familiar it is because you saw it earlier this month when I did a quick video tutorial on how to make it! Two…I must REALLY love you guys to let Don take a picture of my butt so you can see an “in process” shot.

To apply each bat, gently peel away the backing (while the bat is still attached to the wall) and then use your scraper to apply. I really think it made a huge difference, and it seriously took less than 20 minutes!


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