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Saying Goodbye

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Saying Goodbye, and the movers are here.

Saying Goodbye - Kingston Crafts

Don and I are moving to Kansas (Fort Leavenworth) this week. We’ve known it for months, been planning the logistics of it for weeks, but now it is actually REAL and I’m having mixed emotions. I have not kept it a secret that Fayetteville is not my favorite town in the world. I am ready for a new adventure, ready to try another part of the country, ready to have my husband home and on a RIDICULOUSLY easy school schedule for a year. I was ready to leave this place and never look back. But then I started having to say goodbye.

moving boxes

Don and I have said goodbye over 100 times in the past two weeks. 100 little heartbreaks. 100 times we’ve wondered if we’ll ever see that smile or feel this hug again. 100 brave faces while we act like we are used to this. 100 “thank God for Facebook” jokes. From Don’s incredibly supportive boss and coworkers to other Army families we’ve known for over 10 years (best thing about moving? the chance to be reunited with old friends at every post!). From new babies we’ve loved since before they were born to children we’ve watched grow up right in front of our eyes. From old friends who have seen us at our best and our worst to new friends who have become like family, to my actual family who we have been blessed to live close to for the first time since I moved away from home 20 years ago.

These are some of the memories we’ve made here.

So while I’m not sad to be leaving Fayetteville, I am sad to have to say goodbye. My heart is a little emptier today, my spirit a little lonelier. We have an incredibly rich life and I wouldn’t change it for the world – but sometimes I wish it hurt just a little less.


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