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Making Jewelry with Cricut – Loved Charms

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One of the things I love about creating with Cricut Design Space is that you are NEVER limited by color or size or material.  Your only limit is your imagination!

Making Jewelry with Cricut – Loved Charms - Kingston Crafts

Back in the day Cricut was popular with cardmakers and scrapbookers…but today designers and DIYers and artists have realized the possibilities of these machines and are creating home decor projects, fashion, party invitations and more – including jewelry! Today I’ve got a fun, fast and easy jewelry project that would be a wonderful way to let someone in your life know how much they mean to you. This project creates two necklaces – one for you and one to give away!


PS – Have I mentioned how intricately the Explore cuts?  The new German Carbide Premium Blade that is included with every Explore machine will rock your world.  Look at this!  I cut at least a dozen sets of these phrases and each and every one cut out perfectly and came off the mat like butter. Mmmm…butter. {FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. So I might make a few pennies if you buy something!}

Making Jewelry with Cricut - Loved Charms


Cricut Explore Air and Design Space software
Cricut 12×12 Standard or LightGrip mat (standard mat comes with the machine)
Cricut Tools Basic Set (optional – but I LOVE it. How did I live without these tools?)
Two 1″ square metal pendant trays
Patterned paper for background
Scrap of cardstock or patterned paper for phrases
Trimmer or 1″ square punch
Xyron Sticker Maker or other dry adhesive
Glossy Accents or other clear liquid dimensional adhesive

1. Head on over to Cricut Design Space and select the Loved Jewelry Charms Make It Now project. Select the customize button to cut only one of the phrases, or to change the size for larger or smaller pendant trays – otherwise select the Make It Now button. Follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space to cut the loved phrases from your patterned paper or cardstock.

2. Punch or cut two 1″ squares from the patterned paper.  Run both squares and both phrases through the sticker maker.

Making Jewelry with Cricut - Loved Charms

3. Adhere the patterned paper to the pendant tray, then use the tweezers from the Tools Set to place and adhere the phrase to the patterned paper.

Making Jewelry with Cricut - Loved Charms

4. Fill pendant tray with dimensional adhesive and lay flat to dry.

Making Jewelry with Cricut - Loved Charms

With Mother’s Day just a few days away this would make a great last minute gift (and is fun to make with the kiddos).  Also perfect for bridesmaids and best friends!

Making Jewelry with Cricut - Loved Charms

Remember that you can create these in any color scheme you’d like!

Making Jewelry with Cricut - Loved Charms

With wedding season upon us these would also be PERFECT for creating custom confetti to decorate tables or include in favor bags or invitations.  Simply change the number of project copies on the mat screen.  You can fit 55 sets on one piece of 12×12 paper!

People who know me will be surprised that I came up with this project – since I am NOTORIOUS for having a hard time sharing my feelings.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve cried in public (and I’m not much better at home), and looking someone in the eye and talking about emotions literally makes my stomach ache.  So when the six of us arrived at the studio for filming and the Cricut team surprised us by having us do just that – I felt anxiety.  I’m not gonna lie.  Watch me in the video at about :42.  See the weird pained expression on my face? That.

But what I felt afterwards?  Pure and total joy.  To be in a room with women I adore and admire and am inspired by, to spend time sharing our favorite stories about each other and lifting one another up, to know that these women and this company support me as much as I do them – that is an INCREDIBLE gift.  Anna and Amber and Kim and Mandi and Lia (who I almost hit in the face about five times in the video with my giant flailing arms and hands!) are my people. #luckiestgirlintheworld indeed.

Check out a few of my other favorite DIY jewelry projects using my Cricut!

Making Jewelry with Cricut - Loved Charms
Making Jewelry with Cricut - Loved Charms


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