Neighborhood Craft Night – Paper Wreaths

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Handmade paper wreaths are ALL the rage these days – type the word wreath in to Pinterest and you will get hundreds of fabulous ideas at the push of a button!  With Spring on its way (allegedly – it is supposed to snow here on Thursday) I wanted to create something bright and cheery we could all hang on our front doors.

Neighborhood Craft Night – Paper Wreaths - Kingston Crafts

Neighborhood Craft Night - Paper Wreaths - 1 - Kingston Crafts

all photos courtesy of Busy Bee Photography

floral foam wreath (we used 9″)
several sheets of coordinating patterned paper
Xyron machine (5″ or 9″ Creative Station)
liquid glue**
assorted embellishments – buttons, flowers, etc

Cut your patterned paper in to 1 1/2″ x 12″ strips.  I used 25 strips total on mine – some used a few more, some a few less – depending on how closely together you set the strips.  Do not ask Bizzy to help you.

Neighborhood Craft Night - Paper Wreaths - 2 - Kingston Crafts

Run all of the strips through your Xyron machine.

Neighborhood Craft Night - Paper Wreaths - 3 - Kingston Crafts

Take the first strip and loosely loop it around the foam wreath.  Line up the ends and press them together FIRST before pressing the rest of the strip to itself.  The adhesive will hold the strip to the loop.

Neighborhood Craft Night - Paper Wreaths - 4 - Kingston Crafts

Repeat with remaining strips, slightly overlapping each strip at the base (the part that touches the wreath).  Once the wreath is completely covered, trim the edges of each strip at a “V” – aka banner cut, fishtail, dovetail, notch, etc.

Neighborhood Craft Night - Paper Wreaths - 5 - Kingston Crafts

Decorate with embellishments as desired.

Neighborhood Craft Night - Paper Wreaths - 6 - Kingston Crafts

For a quick tutorial on how to create the rosettes used on this wreath check out the video below!

**Note – if you are going to hang this paper wreath on your porch or have high humidity – keep some liquid glue handy. About a week after I made this a few of the strips popped “open” because of the humidity – so I just put a drop of liquid glue on the ends of those strips and it was a perfect fix!


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