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One Font Six Different Ways on Projects with Cricut

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This post first appeared on Cricut’s blog where I’m a contributor. Learn how easy it is to take one font from Cricut Design Space and turn it into six unique projects!

The assortment of Cricut fonts in Design Space has always made it so easy for me to find the right font for my projects without spending hours searching online, and today I’m going to show you six different projects using the same font (and one of my personal favorites) – “Varsity Letter – Narrow”. {FTC Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission on any purchases, at no additional cost to you.}

Varsity Letter font in Cricut Design Space

I created these pencil cases for my nieces and nephews for back to school…but the Varsity Letter – Narrow font would be perfect for ANY school or sport related project!

back to school pencil cases made with Cricut

Speaking of school – my high school reunion was last fall and I used cardstock in my school colors to create these unique name tags for everyone who attended!

high school reunion name tags made with Cricut

Sports events your thing? How about creating your own banners like Jessica Roe at Everyday Party Magazine?

kickball banner made with Cricut

If you don’t know about layering iron-on then Heidi Kundin at Happiness Is Homemade is about to be your new best friend. Check out how she not only layered the font on this shirt, but the image underneath it as well. The SportFlex Iron-On layers beautifully!

will run for donuts t-shirt made with Cricut
will run for donuts t-shirt design in Cricut Design Space

Did you know that almost all of the fonts in Design Space can be drawn/written as well as cut? Including Varsity Letter – Narrow. Game changer! I think Cricut pens are the unsung hero of Cricut products. They are SO versatile and make your creating so much easier! From custom invitations to cool party favors these pens have you covered. Head on over to Design Space for this Make It Now football party invitation.

football party invitations made with Cricut

One of the reason I use the Varsity Letter – Narrow font so often is that you get several layers to choose from/use for different types of projects. I created these chipboard letters using some Cricut Chipboard, the Knife Blade and a little paint and am loving the results!

Use painter’s/masking tape to secure chipboard to Strong Grip Mat. You will need two sheets of chipboard for this project.

woman taping chipboard to Cricut strong grip mat

Size letters to fit your project – make sure you unhide (click on the eye image) the second layer. These letters are 5” tall and are ready to cut in Design Space!

Varsity Letter font in the word fall in Cricut Design Space

When using the Knife Blade be sure the star rollers (white discs) are pushed all the way to the right, then load your Knife blade and your chipboard and start cutting. Note that these letters will take a while to cut. I made myself a cup of coffee and started some laundry while the Maker did all the hard work!

Cricut cutting out chipboard
Cricut cutting out chipboard words

Remove letters from mat and paint as desired.

fall chipboard words and paint
paint fall chipboard words

Adhere layers as desired (I used my Xyron Creative Station Lite) and add to your Fall décor!

fall decor lettering and pumpkins sitting on table

I hope these fun projects help you take a second look at the fonts available in Design Space and the endless possibilities you can create with them.

Also, in this blog post, I briefly mentioned the Cricut Knife Blade. If you would like to learn more about the Cricut Knife Blade, then check out this blog post! Happy Cricuting!


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