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Personalized Door Hangers and How to Hang Them

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In just a few minutes with your Cricut EasyPress you can personalize wood door hangers without worrying about your terrible handwriting!

Personalized Door Hangers and How to Hang Them - Kingston Crafts

Do you love those paint and wine nights? Door hanger paint parties? I do – but here’s a little secret. I HATE my handwriting. So when they say “now just write (your last name, some cute phrase, whatever)” I just go refill my wine and snacks and wait for everyone else to be finished. I always tell the host “I’ll just finish it at home” – but I NEVER did.

Personalized Door Hangers

Then I figured out how to put iron-on on wood with my Cricut Maker! Along with a little help from my EasyPress and BrightPad I can create personalized door hangers in no time, I am actually USING the door hangers I create, and I am no longer lying to these poor host-y people which means I’ll be invited back for more wine. 😉

{FTC disclaimer: I received some of these products for free but was not compensated for writing this post. This post contains affiliate links so I may make a few pennies if you buy something!}


1. Cut your iron-on on your Maker (or any other Cricut machine) – don’t forget to mirror the image and put the shiny side on the mat!

2. I used my BrightPad to help me weed the image, black is usually hard for me to “see through” but the BrightPad makes it so easy!

3. Lay the iron-on on your wood surface – in my case a snowman door hanger.

4. I put a towel down because I wasn’t sure about applying heat to something that was painted – but it worked like a dream! Creating a project that is bigger than your EasyPress surface? Just heat the project in sections.

5. Peel off the backing and voila! A personalized door hanger! Now that you’ve made it – how will you hang it? I’ve been using this trick for years and it works on wreaths just as well as it does on door hangers – and it doesn’t ruin your door!


Hang the hook UPSIDE DOWN on the back of your door. Add fishing line to door hanger, bring up over the top of the door, tie to Command Hook and cut off excess.

This is totally gonna be my new thing. I did it for my Fall acorn door hanger too but was too lazy to tell you all about it. Ha!

And finally – a little “behind the scenes” with my two biggest helpers.



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