Sparkly Snowflakes – Kids’ Crafts Saturday

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No…today isn’t Saturday, but we made these on a Saturday – does that count?  🙂

Sparkly Snowflakes – Kids’ Crafts Saturday - Kingston Crafts

Actually – I call it Kids’ Crafts Saturday because Don and I volunteer at the Fascinate-U Children’s Museum in Fayetteville, NC on the second Saturday of every month (sponsored by Xyron – yay!).

We create fast and easy craft projects and have a BLAST doing it! I’m going to start sharing these projects here with you – maybe on Saturdays, maybe on other days, but I hope you’ll be inspired to make these with some of your favorite little ones!

foam shapes (we got boxes of these snowflakes for a RIDICULOUSLY low price because all the stores were clearancing out holiday stuff)
Xyron 5″ Creative Station (also known as the 510)
tupperware container
scrap paper

Set out your scrap paper, markers and foam shapes on your craft space. (Tip – if your foam shapes have punch-outs in the middle, do NOT punch them out until after the glitter process. Trust me.)

Let the kids color on the foam shapes to their little hearts’ content! (Another tip – if they color it TOO much the adhesive won’t stick as well because the foam will be saturated.  We had more than 50 kids come through and it was really only an issue for about 4 of them – we solved that by just putting glitter on the non-colored side.)


Run your foam shape through your 510 (of COURSE I don’t have a photo of this part!) with the colored side facing down. The 510 is easy enough to use that kids can help crank the handle! Peel off the top film, then peel the foam shape from the backing and place adhesive side down in your tupperware container filled with glitter.  You need enough glitter in the tupperware to make sure the bottom of the container is completely covered.

Help the kids move the foam shape around in the tupperware to cover the foam shape with glitter.  The beauty of Xyron is that if you pick it up and realize that you missed a spot – you can just stick it back down in the glitter!

And voila!  Sparkly snowflakes!  You can keep the foam shape intact,  or punch out the center for a cool shape.

Oh…and uhh…I held a snake.  🙂  This has absolutely nothing to do with crafts – but it sure was awesome!

Happy Crafting Everybody!


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