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Totally Tiffany Metal Maid Companion Cart

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My fabulous friend Totally Tiffany knows I have been redoing my studio, and she also knows my studio colors are white and teal – so she sent me THE MOST amazing surprise in the mail last week and I can’t wait to show it to you!

Totally Tiffany Metal Maid Companion Cart - Kingston Crafts

And now I give you my very first “unboxing” video! You will notice two things. One – Don did 95% of the work. I was fiddling around with the inserts and next thing I knew it was done! Two – giant dogs are SUPER helpful when you are trying to assemble things in a small space. {FTC Disclaimer – I received this product for free, but with no agreement to review or promote it. It’s called a gift! This blog post is mine all mine!}

Besides being easy to put together (even with help from Baloo) here are a few other things I’ve discovered about it now that I’ve had it in my studio for a few days.

It is very light when it is empty…which means even filled up I can lift it and move it around with ease. This will be PERFECT for me to take to crops – I can just roll it out to the car, load it up, and roll it right in to the event.

I had been seriously eyeballing one of those IKEA carts that everybody has – but my girlfriend told me that sometimes it is hard to get stuff out of the lower shelves. In this cart the shelves slide in and out like a dresser, so I can easily get to what I want and even just take out the whole shelf and put it up on my work area if I want to.

This cart is also a little bit shorter than some of the other organization carts I’ve seen – so it fits perfectly under my desk if I need to get it out of the way.

While the color is perfect for my studio – it takes spray paint like a dream! Tiffany is painting hers gold and sent me an “in process” photo.

spray paint Totally-Tiffany items

So grab one for all your organization needs – you can find them on! Here are a few of our other favorite organization hacks!

I {heart} spray paint – customize your plastic storage drawers! - Kingston Crafts


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  1. As you suggested, I bought one of these during craft day on HSN & it is great…thank you.

    1. Oh Nadine I’m so glad!! I hope you love it!!

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