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White Walls Wednesday – Dana Albalate

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White Walls is an online community dedicated to helping military families make home wherever Uncle Sam sends them. Every Wednesday I will be introducing you to a military spouse and sharing his/her creativity and a little bit about them.

Today, we will meet Dana Albalate!

White Walls Wednesday – Dana Albalate - Kingston Crafts

I have always been interested in renovating/upcycling furniture…but with this move especially I found myself really wanting to be more mindful of reusing things we already own and reutilizing our old furniture.  So when I “met” Dana Albalate on White Walls I knew I had found a kindred spirit! Dana is the fourth installment of my White Walls series – and I was drawn to her because of her super cool take on upcycling furniture. I LOVE her color/finish choices!

It was only after I contacted Dana about being on the blog that I found out the real story…Dana is Active Duty Air Force and a mother of four! And is still cranking out beautiful pieces like this! The next time I tell myself I am too busy or just don’t know where I’ll find the time I will think of Dana and be inspired.

Dana has started a Facebook Page – Hip & Humble – where you can follow along on her adventures and check out some of the fabulous pieces she creates.  So say hello to Dana – I can’t wait to see where this road takes her!

“I am an Active Duty Air Force Officer/ Labor and Delivery Nurse, full time college student, wife, and mom of four. I have been up cycling for over 20 years. I became a single mom at a very young age and I quickly learned how to refurb furniture. I love taking ugly cast-offs and giving them new life. Refurb is my passion and I hope to, someday, have my own store.”

— Dana Albalate

Interested in learning more about White Walls? If you’re a service member or card-carrying spouse, join them (and me!) on their Facebook group! Not a service member or spouse? That’s okay –  they’ve got a website!  Head on over to where you can pin from the Gallery, read the blog or some great tutorials, or support military family small businesses by shopping the White Walls Marketplace. There are tons of ways to share, shop, and support military families and I hope you will join us!


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