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White Walls Wednesday – Katherine Paige

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White Walls is an online community dedicated to helping military families make home wherever Uncle Sam sends them. Every Wednesday I will be introducing you to a military spouse and sharing his/her creativity and a little bit about them.

Today, we will meet Katherine Paige who is the creator of Scarlet Morning!

White Walls Wednesday – Katherine Paige - Kingston Crafts

Last Wednesday I launched the first of a new series – White Walls Wednesday. White Walls is a private online community for military spouses/service members where people can share ideas for decorating rentals/on post housing. I have been SO inspired by their creativity that every Wednesday I will be featuring a spouse or service member and sharing one of their favorite projects! This week we’re saying hello to Katherine Paige – owner of Scarlet Morning (who – by the way – makes quite possibly the MOST precious little girl clothes evah)!

“Hi, I’m Katherine! I am a children’s clothing designer, by trade, a USAF spouse and mother to a beautiful 2-year old girl, by destiny. I have been crafting and creating for as long as I can remember. (I sewed my first pillowcase in 1st grade!!) Making people happy is my motivation behind every piece that I make. I just love love love seeing smiling faces. When I am not working on my brand, scarlet morning, I am joyfully chasing around an endlessly energetic toddler! Conceptualizing her 2nd birthday was so much fun for me. Her love for all things “ocean” inspired me to create a really fun and adorable oceanic wonderland for her mermaid party “under the sea.” I hope you feel inspired to create something fun that makes someone happy, the next chance you get!”

Katherine caught my eye with this PRECIOUS mermaid birthday party she created for her daughter.  From the decorations to the games to the food…Katherine thought of absolutely every detail! I mean…jellyfish made out of shower caps and twinkle lights!  YES!

– paper mermaid dolls
– sea urchin toss
– sunken treasure chest full of gold coins + jewelry
– pin the arms on the octopus (which doubled as an arrange the sea scene game, since all of the felt animals were backed with velcro!)
– an A-W-E-S-O-M-E floor to ceiling “jellyfish cove” made with a refrigerator box + brown paper.

– personalized, different colored organza mermaid tails
– pearl bracelets
– chocolate “coral” pieces & white chocolate seashells

– ombre naked cakes topped with gelatin bubbles
– “sea snails” — pigs in a blanket
– “jellyfish sandwiches” — pbj cut out as stars and number “2”s
– “sea stones” — sausage meatballs
– “brain coral” — baked mac ‘n cheese in mini muffin tins
– “driftwood” — pretzel rods
– “shark teeth” — cheese triangles
– “kelp” — green grape skewers
– “crab legs” — carrot sticks
– “octopus arms” — red pepper slices
– “sea cucumbers” — pickles

Interested in learning more about White Walls? If you’re a service member or card-carrying spouse, join them (and me!) on their Facebook group! Not a service member or spouse? That’s okay –  they’ve got a website!  Head on over to where you can pin from the Gallery, read the blog or some great tutorials, or support military family small businesses by shopping the White Walls Marketplace. There are tons of ways to share, shop, and support military families – and I hope you will join us next week for another fabulous feature!


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