White Walls Wednesday – Rachel McGee

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Those of you who have known me for a while know that out of all the “labels” I have for myself…daughter, crafter, friend, giant dog owner, etc – military wife is almost always at the top of my list.  I am so proud to be a part of an incredible sisterhood (and brotherhood) of military spouses, and one of my MOST favorite things about moving has always been meeting new military spouse friends who love being creative as much as I do.

Then I found White Walls.

White Walls is an online community dedicated to helping military families make home wherever Uncle Sam sends them. What started as two friends creating a private Facebook group for military members and spouses to share their ideas on how to decorate rentals or on-post housing has blossomed in to a hub of creativity and a celebration of making a house a home.  And I have been inspired!

So with their permission (thanks Erin and Megan!) I have decided to share some of this White Walls inspiration with you! Every Wednesday I will be introducing you to a military spouse and sharing his/her creativity and a little bit about them.  Some have blogs, some have a small business, some just do it for fun, some would tell you they aren’t really creative – but they are all amazing and I can’t wait for you to meet them. 

My first victim/guinea pig/military spouse is Rachel McGee.  I’d been rolling this idea around in my head for a while but when I saw the photo of the wall Rachel HAND PAINTED (uhhh…yeah) for her daughter’s nursery it kicked my butt in to gear because I wanted the world to see it! I am just crazy about this entire room – the colors, the attention to the tiniest detail, the obvious love that went in to creating it – beautiful. For more information about the materials she used you can head on over to her blog – and she also has her own Facebook page! So people – meet Rachel!

I am Rachel McGee, creator, designer, lover of all things beautiful and artistic! My love for design began in High school. While most of my friends spent their days watching MTV, I lived for HGTV’s Trading Spaces and Genevieve Gorder was my idol. I wasn’t able to go to school for design as I married a US Airman at just 20 years old. I left home to follow him around the world and my career took a back burner. Despite having no formal training over the last 9 years I have designed and created a multitude of goodies, rooms, and events for friends, family, clients, and myself. I just can’t stop my passion for it! I believe there are two kinds of designers in this world, ones who are ‘taught” and ones who are just born that way. So now after settling in the Denver, Colorado area with our family of 5 I stay home to take care of my little ones, blog about all of the creative fun I have, and attempt to share my passion with the world! I hope you love my work!

Interested in learning more about White Walls? If you’re a service member or card-carrying spouse, join them (and me!) on their Facebook group! Not a service member or spouse? That’s okay –  they’ve got a website!  Head on over to www.whitewallsonline.net where you can pin from the Gallery, read the blog or some great tutorials, or support military family small businesses by shopping the White Walls Marketplace. There are tons of ways to share, shop, and support military families and I hope you will join us!  I appreciate you all so much and am so happy to welcome you to this community of creative people!


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